Zeolite Molecular Sieve Materials Breakthrough, Concepts Of Molecular Sieve Unit Benefit Unit

Latest news on March 11, the Academician Yu Jihong research team were published in the Science of zeolite molecular sieve materials breakthrough, which is chemistry, Jilin University published research results in the field of the Science for the first time. Academician Yu Jihong team of long-term commitment to the inorganic porous materials synthesis and preparation of chemical research, the discovery is a microporous crystalline material important breakthrough in research on the formation mechanism and led to new recognition of the formation mechanism of zeolite molecular sieve, is of great demand in industry of zeolite molecular sieve material of high efficiency, energy saving and green synthesis opens up new paths. Nano-zeolite molecular sieve is a kind of rule WG Silicon aluminate crystals, as catalysts, adsorption and ion-exchange material has been widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and household chemicals and other important areas closely related to energy and the environment. In particular due to its unique shape selective catalytic performance of zeolite molecular sieve has become the most important material of solid catalyst in the chemical industry.