VOC Emissions Tax Environment Coating Line Runner Attention Zeolite Adsorption Process

Produced during the spraying of "three wastes" are inevitable, including spraying waste gas is "three wastes" a major part of. Thinner for spraying waste gas from volatile organic solvents will not be attached to the painted surface with paint, paint application and curing process will be released, forming volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the main ingredients are benzene, toluene and xylene, benzene and other non-methane hydrocarbons, and so on, these substances more dangerous human being known as the "silent killer". Especially in the case of unprotected spray, high concentration of benzene in the air in the workplaces, health risk to workers is also very large, ranging from there aplastic anemia, leukemia. Discharged directly to the atmosphere, can lead to acid rain, smog and pollution problems such as smog, hazardous to human health and environmental safety.