Valiant Shares: LCD, Zeolite Full Orders, 15 Per Cent More Than Expected Annual Results

Company's revised performance forecast for the year, profit was expected an increase of 100%-140%, change interval for the 193 million-232 million Yuan, raised to up to 150%-180%, 241 million-270 million Yuan, liquid crystals material, zeolite material orders full performance significantly exceeded expectations.

Environmentally friendly materials: progress exceeded expectations, prospects can be

Zeolite produced in environmentally friendly materials are mainly used in the manufacture of Euro VI standard automobile exhaust catalysts. Benefit from September 2014, Euro VI standard in Europe and other regions to promote and "public" events, companies demand for environmentally friendly materials will welcome the opportunity for development, a project in a State of full capacity while offering tender "series of eco-friendly materials phase II expansion project of 50 million tons of zeolite" 2016 is expected to be put into operation in succession, will be a significant performance increase in the coming years.