Snow White Zeolite Powder

Zeolite (a), reactive functional filler uses: this product is made by processing, mainly used as functional filler in plastics, rubber, leather and other industry, instead of the precipitated calcium carbonate. Using this new media production of artificial leather, its performance is twice times the national standard (radial tensile strength up to 754, zonal intensity 698, Peel 23); production of hard soft acid and alkali resistant PVC panels and products, packing twice times the amount of light calcium, its performances meet or exceed the requirements of national standard GB4454-84. Can greatly reduce manufacturers ' production costs and improve product quality. Used in plastic products, its strength increased by more than 20%. For the paper industry, in the manufacture of newsprint when, instead of talc, with higher degrees. (B) the zeolite powder, feed use: mainly used as feed additives, adsorption and ion exchange, ammonia-nitrogen absorption, delaying the time of nutrients through the digestive tract adsorption intestinal hazardous substances, improved digestive function, and livestock can supply a variety of trace elements and promoting increase, improve feed efficiency. This product can be added directly in the feed 5%.