Introduction Of Advanced New Kind Of Evironmental- Friendly Raw Materials For Detergent And PVC Heat Stabilizer-4A Zeolite

4A Zeolite, as a new kind of advanced environental-friendly additive in the detergent and PVC Heat Stablizer, owns a porous structure that can accommodate a wide variety of cations, such as Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and others. These positive ions are rather loosely held and can readily be exchanged for others in a contact solution.


                                         4A Zeolite Structure


1.4A Zeolite for detergent

Nontoxic, odorless, and tasteless white powder. Best phosphorus free detergent builder with high calcium exchange volume and capacity, substitute for STPP. It has excellent LCC and surface active and compatibility, which is conducive to solid detergent molding, and keep long term flowability. Mainly used in Ultra-concentrated detergent and agglomeration granulation; Transparent soap, and whitening soap, etc.


2.4A Zeolite for PVC heat Stablizer


A crystalline free flow powder with appropriate particle size. This product’s main composition is active aluminosilicate with basic group attached on its surface. The basic group could neutralize parts of HCl released in the progress of degradation of PVC, which could lower the concentration of HCl and cut off the natural catalytic reaction to promote the stability of PVC.



Benefited from its non-toxic, efficient and environmental friendly property, it can be used as heat stabilizer while combined with ZnSt2, to replace the Plumbum in the PVC stabilizer system.