Comprehensive Water Supply And Drainage: Sulfonated Coal, Natural Green And Artificial Zeolite Properties

Anthracite coal crushing and screening, with fuming sulfuric acid (or concentrated sulfuric acid) treatment, remove the excess acid to obtain sulfonated coal.

Sulfonated coal has the following main functions:

(1). Sulfonated coal black, irregular fine particle size is about 0.3~1.6mm.

(2) wet vision density. Typically between 0.55~0.65g/mL.

(3) the swelling. For the porous material, has the ability to absorb water, water volume expansion for 10%~15%.

(4) capacity. Total Exchange capacity of sulphonated coal QVa (Ax+) for 500mol/m3 or so, working exchange capacity QV0 (Ax+) between 200~380mol/M3.

(5) stability. Sulfonated coal is less stable, high heat-resistant temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. 10%~15% annual rate of loss.