The First Set Of Chinese Alumina Clinker Kiln Temperature Denitration Project Operated Successfully

The first set of Chinese alumina clinker kiln temperature denitration project operated successfully

Recently, cooperated with other companies, the first De-NOX plant of alumina clinker kiln of Chalco Alumina---the No. 6 clinker kiln and No.5 clinker kiln with ultra-low temperature SCR technology, has been put into production. According to authority’s tests, the indexes of flue gas are better than the national ultra-low emission standards, which achieve our desired effect.

The project of building up the No.6 and No.5 Clinker kiln takes the most advanced ultra-low temperature SCR technology. This whole system mainly composed by SCR catalytic reactor, urea pyrolysis system, ammonia injection system, catalyst thermal regeneration system and automatic tracking control system. Under the help of catalyst, this unit can convert nitrogen oxide in the waste gas into nitrogen and water without secondary pollution.

During the preparation of equipment and catalyst, we collaborated with other enterprises and over come the time limit and technology difficulties. We worked overtime to ensure the catalyst available before National Day. The ultra-low temperature SCR catalyst we selected is suitable for low temperature, high humidity and high removal efficiency of nitrogen oxides in the clinker kiln. Thus, we lower the SCR denitration temperature to 170℃. The SCR catalyst applied in the project in the whole aluminum industry is the first to realize the large-scale application of ultra-low temperature SCR catalyst. 


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