Zeolite-polymer composites: the Gospel of uremic patients

Recently, the Japan scientist has invented a Nano-fiber absorption of creatinine in the blood, this can also be used to develop portable hemodialysis equipment, help patients with kidney failure to ease the pain. Patients with kidney failure are often unable to remove metabolic wastes from the body, such as potassium and urea, creatinine and other substances accumulate to a certain level can be very dangerous. In this case, in addition to other than transplantation of a healthy kidney, dialysis is the best solution. However, dialysis, and also as a last-ditch move. This method is time consuming, professional equipment, clean water, electricity, dialysate, and usually carried out only in a hospital. As for rural areas in developing countries and disaster areas, which often are not met. Dialysis is the use of molecular diffusion properties, but Japan National Institute of materials (located in Ibaraki Prefecture) shitianguangyang EBARA (Mitsuhiro Ebara) and his team has used a different method, invented a can adsorb to clear toxic substances in the blood, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the blood.