Zeolite-containing antimicrobial antimicrobial films

Zeolite thin film was added, its surface is anti-bacterial, is antibacterial zeolite mix plastic film film, plastic films containing zeolite thin film on the inner surface of the sealing layer, the thickness of very thin, about 6 μ m, the use of co-extrusion compound production, add 1%~3% in the film, when concentration of silver ion is 250mg~750mg/kg.

Zeolite as an antimicrobial agent, it has three characteristics, namely, ion exchange, adsorption and catalytic reactions.

When the zeolite full mixed reaction with the metal salt solution, ion exchange, and because of the presence of oxygen in the water, by the production of reactive oxygen species. Has bactericidal antimicrobial function. Put a small amount of reactive oxygen species in zeolite mix with polyolefin resins, and then made the film.