Zeolite For Detergents

Product Details

4A zeolite is used as an environmental replacement for phosphates in laundry detergents, exhibiting strong ion exchange capacity and compatibility.

4A zeolite also finds uses in applications as an adsorbent and desiccant.



Ca exchange capability

≥295 (mg CaCO3/g)

Ca exchange rate: (2 minutes)

≥175 (mg CaCO3/g)

(10 minutes)

≥190(mg CaCO3/g)

Particle size :D50

2-4 um


≥1 um


≤10 um

+325mesh(wet sieve)


whiteness (W=Y10)


PH (1% solution, 25 ℃)


LOI (800℃, 1h)


Al3+ ( Dry basis)


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